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Commissioner Shen Changyu Visits Lao PDR

2018-04-12 国家知识产权局

On April 2, Shen Changyu, Commissioner of the State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO), headed a delegation to visit Lao PDR, and met with Boviengkham Vongdara, Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology and President of the National Academy of Sciences, Lao PDR. The parties shared the latest IP developments in both countries, reached consensus on fully strengthening and deepening IP cooperation between China and Lao PDR, and agreed to establish a bilateral IP partnership.


Shen noted that China and Lao PDR were friendly neighbors geographically linked by waters and mountains, with a long history of friendship between the people of the two countries. They had established a comprehensive strategic partnership in the spirit that they were good comrades, good partners, good neighbors and good friends. Last November, President Xi Jinping paid a successful visit to Laos and painted a new blueprint for a comprehensive strategic partnership with Lao leaders. In recent years, IP offices of the two countries had achieved frequent interactions within the frameworks of "Belt and Road" and China-ASEAN IP cooperation and laid a solid foundation for cooperation. He hoped that, by officially establishing bilateral cooperation in the field of IP, the two parties will contribute to the development of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of the two countries and to the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative in the field of IP.


Vongdara said that the Ministry of Science and Technology of Lao PDR attached great importance to the IP cooperation with China and wished to establish a bilateral IP cooperation with China through the signature of the MoU on cooperation in the field of IP. The Lao side would actively promote cooperation and exchanges in the IP field and learn from the IP development experience of China and provide strong support for innovation and business, scientific communication and economic and trade relations of the two countries.  (by Qiu Junchang)

(编辑:孙雅曼 石焱,编校:崔静思,审读:蔡莹,美编:李羽)



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