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Patent Award Reflects Upgrade of Innovation Quality

2017-12-28 国家知识产权局

From 2012 to 2016, China Patent Award were presented for five times with 100 gold patent awards, 25 industrial design gold awards, 2,081 excellent patent awards and 283 excellent industrial design awards dished out. According to statistics, since the implementation of the12th Five-Year Plan, gold-patent-award projects alone had hauled in sales revenues of 622.1 billion yuan,131.7 billion yuan of which was profit. The latest 19th China Patent Award presented in Beijing welcomed another bevy of projects to the elite group, including as 20 gold patents awards, 5 industrial design gold awards, 802 excellent patent awards and 68 excellent industrial design awards.


"After 19 years of precipitation and accumulation, the China Patent Award is becoming a crucial benchmark and guiding star in inspiring innovation, expand innovative capacity, optimize patent portfolio and upgrade quality of self-reliant IPRs," Li Shunde, researcher of Law Institute under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told CIP News.


"The China Patent Award is recognition of a company's strength in IPRs as well a nod to its innovative prowess. The relationship between technological innovation and IPRs is just like a pair of wheel sets of the high-speed train, mutually dependent and mutually reinforcing," said Wang Jun, leading train-maker CRRC's vice president, whose remarks reveals the growing value of IPRs and the prestige of the China Patent Award honored by more and more companies.


Since 1989, the China Patent Award has been successfully operated for 19 sessions. The quality of award-winning patents kept on improving, having become indicators of Innovated in China. "We are giving more weight to the quality of patent for award scrutiny," according to a principal from the State Intellectual Property Office(SIPO), "SIPO has been implementing the patentquality improvement project with the concept of "dominate with quality and spread impact with quantity", to continue improving patent quality, cultivate high-value patents and continuously optimize the portfolio of patents.


The improvement of patent quality is a reflection of the improvement of IP creation, use and protection by innovators. The advanced technology and leading technology of the award-winning patents have made increasingly contribution to their companies, industries, regions and the economy. According to incomplete statistics, from their commercialization dates to the end of 2016, the 25 patent-gold-award related products or projects have hauled in sales revenues of 93.9 billion yuan, profits of 9.6 billion yuan and export revenues of 24.4 billion yuan.


In today's world, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change is pending for burst, and the tendency of innovation leads the way is clearer than ever. As a fundamental guarantee to encourage innovation, intellectual property plays a more prominent role as a core element of strategic resources and competitiveness for development.


"To make sure that the intellectual property cultural concepts can be accepted into the hearts of the people and all innovation achievements can be effectively protected, thus all creeks of innovations can be flowing smoothly, which can provide the source of living water to our intellectual property tasks," said a principal from the SIPO.(by Zhao Jianguo)

(编辑:孙雅曼 高云翔,编校:崔静思,审读:蔡莹,美编:李羽)

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