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Innovation index report: China ranks the 18th place

2016-07-14 国家知识产权局

China moved the 18th place from 17th among the 40 countries whose spending on R&D accounts for 97% of the total in the world, according to the 2015 report on national innovation index issued by Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development on June 29.


According to the report, China’s national innovation index was 68.6 points, up 0.2 points over the same period of last year. Among the five first class indicators, China saw a rise in innovation resources, knowledge creation and enterprises innovation index. The ranking of innovation performance was almost flat from 2015, while that of innovation environment saw a decrease from 2015.


In terms of knowledge creation, the number of China’s SCI report reached 250,000 in 2014, and the total number of citations for China’s SCI paper stood at 6.334 million during the five years from 2010 to 2014. Both two indicators ranking the second position in the world. In 2014, China received 801,000 invention applications from domestic, accounting for 47.5% of the world’s total. China granted 163,000 invention patents to domestic applicants, accounting for 24.8%, ranking the first and second in the world respectively.


China moved up from 13th to 12th position in terms of enterprise innovation. In 2014, the number of PCT application filed by per 10,000 researchers increased from 233 in 2013 to 270, and it moved up slightly to the 27th place from 26th place. The share of invention patents granted by the U.S., Japan and Europe and the ratio of R&D investment to value added ranked the 6th and 15th position respectively. The ranking of comprehensive self-developed technology moved up from 13th to the 9th position.


"The scale and quality of enterprise innovation usually denotes the innovation level of a country.  Although China made it into the top in PCT application, there was a gap in R&D input-output compared with some developed countries in the world. Improving of PCT applications level should become the key point of enhancing domestic enterprise innovation capability," said a relevant expert.


"With the rapid development of patent outputs, there is a growing need for IPR protection, so China should further step up IPR protection, " in reaction to the fell in innovation environment ranking, Wu Yishan, Deputy Director of Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development said.  (by Wang Yu)


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