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China’s first IPR operation platform for university initiates

2016-06-23 国家知识产权局

In recent years, Chinese universities have faced generally great difficulties in commercialization of S&T discoveries, lacking of ways of operating, balance between S&T input and output and low commercialization rate. On June 7, the signing ceremony on joint establishment of China’s university IPR operation platform which pool the resources of high-quality patent date resources, finance capital, operation and plat development, was held in Nanjing University of Science and Technology. It marks that the construction of China’s first operation platform of its kind has already entered into implementation stage.


“China’s university IPR operation and trade platform is a combination of powerful companies, and it realized a resources integration of science and technology, finance, capital and policy, which was a real highlight for China’s IPR operation system. The construction of such platform is of great importance and has vast space for development. I hope that the platform would be developed into a first-class platform with high  starting point, high standard and high efficiency, and become a specialized platform in China’s IPR operation system, thus making contribution to the China’s IPR power-house building,” said Xiao Xingwei, party leadership group member of SIPO.


The platform was jointly built by Nanjing University of Science and Technology, IP Publishing House Company, Jiangsu Xinghan Investment Company and Jiangsu Nanda Softech Company, and it was the first IPR operation platform for university. According to the agreement, the platform will focus on the construction of national IPR operation system, increase patent commercialization rate and thus become a leader in IPR operation for university. “The platform is an important one for commercialization of research discoveries and facilitating national economic development. It would vigorously promote the commercialization of S&T discoveries,”said Fu Mengyin, the President of Nanjing University of Science and Technology.  (by Liu Peng)


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