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China issues outline to accelerate IP power building

2016-06-02 国家知识产权局

Recently, China issued the National Innovation-driven Development Strategy Outline (hereinafter referred to as “Outline”)。 The Outline proposed a “three-step” strategic target. The first step, by 2020, China will become an innovative country, creating more optimized environment for innovation, making more complete policies and regulations encouraging innovation, more strict intellectual property protection, to create the value-oriented culture of advocating the innovation and entrepreneurship. The second step, by 2030, China will become the forefront of innovation-oriented country. By then, a number of strategic areas would lead the world, as the world’s leading academic development of Chinese school, whose original output would boost scientific and technological development and human civilization progress. The third step, by 2050, China will build the world’s scientific and technological innovation powerhouse. By then, innovative institutional environment, market and cultural environment would become more optimized, respecting knowledge, advocating innovation, protection of property rights and the tolerance and pluralism would become a common concept of value-oriented society.  As the first top-level design and overall deployment programmatic document in “the 13th Five-Year Plan”, the Outline directed a blueprint for innovation and development for the future China. Wu Handong, the Director of Intellectual Property Research Centre of Central South University, told the CIP News reporter that, the “three-step” target of the Outline is not only the constitution of rule of law country construction, but also the essence of intellectual property powerhouse construction. “Innovation is a basic system to protect the legal system of a country, a country that does not protect the innovation has no future. The Outline emphasized optimization and innovation of the institutional environment,  to complete innovation policies and regulations, to offer strict protection of intellectual property, will inspire more people to engage in innovation, to transform the innovation achievements into practical productive forces. ”Wu Handong said.


 The Outline proposed that, for the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy, China must take more measures on open and reform, environmental construction, allocation of resources. Accelerating the construction of IP power is an important part. “In today’s world, innovation has become an important driving force for national development, and the intellectual property system is the powerful support and protection of innovation and development of intellectual property powerhouse as advanced countries.” Wu Handong pointed out that China has become a veritable country owning most intellectual property, but there is still a long way to go for China to become a neal IP powerhouse. The Outline proposed “deepening reform in the field of intellectual property”, “improve IPR creation, utilization, protection and management capabilities”, “promoting commercialization of innovation” and “enhance basic security role of the IP system in innovation”, are the refinement and deepening of innovation-driven development strategy, and also indispensable part of speeding up the construction of IP power.


 “In the 21st Century, How does China do to become a world powerful country from a great country? Innovation-driven development is the road, and the supporting basic system is intellectual property. China should, in accordance with the Outline, deeply implement the intellectual property strategic action plan to guide and support the creation and use of intellectual property, to promote the benefit-sharing and innovation achievement transforming mechanism. To implement of strict intellectual property protection, and enhance people’s awareness of IP protection, strengthen the role of intellectual property and innovative system. The construction of intellectual property power is to promote innovation-driven development, and will become a  strong support to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream.” Wu Handong added.(by Sun Di)



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