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Shen Changyu calls for a more integrated IP protection mechanism

2016-04-21 国家知识产权局

On April 10, the first session of China High-Level Forum on IPR Protection with the theme “Protecting IP to Promote Entrepreneurship and Innovation” closed successfully in Beijing. Shen Changyu, Commissioner of State Intellectual Property Office(SIPO) addressed the forum. In a two-day forum, over 600 representatives from home and abroad had an in-depth exchange of views on the field of IP including patent, trademark, copyright and built common consensus in a bid to explore a new path to strengthen IP protection under new circumstances.


Shen Changyu put forward three proposals on strengthening IP protection. Firstly, firmly establish a concept of stringent IP protection and beef up IP protection. Promote an IP culture featuring “respecting knowledge, encouraging innovation, and fostering honesty”. Step up formulating policies and measures regarding stringent IP protection and strive for building a favorable legal environment for entrepreneurship and innovation. Secondly, build a big framework for integrated IP protection and have an alignment in IP protection. Improve IP protection mechanism that enables stronger cooperation between the central government and local governments, enhance coordination between administrations and the judicial branch and deepen regional coordination and international cooperation concerning IP protection. Thirdly, solve the problem of IP protection in key areas and key links, constantly enhancing IP protection.


IP administrations across the nation investigated approximately 87,000 patent infringements nationwide during the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015), 10 times the number of investigations during the previous five years. Satisfaction rate of the general public on IP protection improved steadily. During the 13th Five-Year Plan, IP played an increasingly important role in stimulating innovation and it is imperative and essential to enhance IP protection.


The forum was hosted by China Intellectual Property News. Representatives from National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Customs, State Administration for Industry and Commerce, local and state IP offices, and representatives from WIPO China Office, universities, scientific research institutes, Chinese and foreign famous enterprises , IP service agencies attended the forum and made key-note speeches. (by Wang Yu/Sun Di)


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